Malcolm and Nan Hanna

This letter will serve firstly to confirm that our house at No. 81 Joll Road, Havelock North has recently been re-piled by Mark J, Bishop and, secondly, to record our entire satisfaction with the results of that project.

In all respects our contract with mark Bishop has been completed smoothly and efficiently, while Mark has kept us fully informed on his timetable and has maintained an excellent standard of organisation and tidiness around the site as work has proceeded. Our agreement also provided that he would arrange the necessary permits and inspection by Hastings District Council and all of those took place within the time-frames he had promised. Not unimportantly, the cost of the re-piling contract has been, in our opinion, a fair and competitive one.

As to the standard of workmanship we can report that all of the structural improvements to the house which we had anticipated from its re-piling have been realised, so that we are now able to proceed with further internal alterations confident of the stability and integrity of the building. In this respect perhaps the most telling compliment to the standard of Mark’s work was made by the foreman of the installers of the underfloor insulation planks which were fitted after the re-piling was complete but before the base-boards were fixed. When his job was finished he said to us “Well, I don’t know who it was who has done your re-piling, but you can imagine that we see a lot of this sort of work, and a lot of varying standards achieved, and I can tell you that whoever has re-piled your house has done a beautiful job.” As an unsolicited testimonial from another tradesman we thought that this was indeed high praise.

Finally, we should mention that it has been a pleasure to have Mark, Jules and Ryan around the property. Not only have they given us their excellent skills but they have been unfailingly courteous, helpful and good humoured. It can’t be too often that one can sincerely describe this sort of undertaking as good fun! On the basis of our experience we would not hesitate to recommend Mark Bishop and his team to anyone wishing to carry out similar work.

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